Monday, October 20, 2014

Part 1: Disneyland

Oh my!  Disneyland was so fun!
I wish I was there right now.  It was the most wonderful trip!

Monday morning we started at Disneyland!

Lindsay giving her ticket to the lady.
(I have a very similar picture of me at that age doing the same thing--I'm pretty sure my hair was done the same way too).

Meeting Snow White.

My brother, Rick, gave us the tip of going to the princesses first.

There was NO ONE there!
Lindsay got about 8 minutes visiting with Cinderella.  Pure happiness!

Attempting to pull out the sword.  No luck.

Waiting to go on Dumbo.

Lindsay saw a youtube video of the tea cups and she couldn't wait to try them out.
They did not disappoint!

Lindsay liked it a lot more than this picture shows.

The kids thought it was so funny that Pluto signed the book on his nose.

Meeting Minnie Mouse!!

I loved all the rides, but the shows were AWESOME!!

Aladin, was the BEST show I've EVER seen!  I'm serious!  I would have paid a whole ticket JUST to go to that show!  It really was incredible.

Matt got picked for Jedi Training!  I was so happy!  I knew he'd love it, and he did!

Darth Vader rises out of the ground and Matt got to fight him!  (Matthew won of course).

And we HAD to get a picture or two by the castle!

After hearing about Dole Whips for years, we finally tried one!

Matt loved getting to be right in the front of the boat for the Jungle Cruise.

That night we went to dinner with Geoff, Jadi, and family.
The kids LOVED being with their cousins!

The first day was a HUGE success!!


Courtney N said...

SO FUN!! I love it when people visit where I grew up for their vacations! It makes me really miss and appreciate my home :-)

Dave and Mandi said...

LOVE it! Oh my gosh Haylee, so fun!! I am so happy you guys were able to go and had such a great time. It really is magical and so fun to have those memories of your kiddos there. You got some GREAT shots! I’m excited to see your post about the Halloween Party!!