Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mickey's Halloween Party

Disneyland at Halloween is really fun!
They have decorations EVERYWHERE!!

We had a great time at the Halloween Party.
We went as a Toy Story family.
Darin--Mr. Potato Head, Haylee--Mrs. Potato Head, Matt--Buzz, Linds--Jessie, Andy--Woody.
(Thanks A TON for letting us use your cotumes Merideth!)

My favorite part of the night was meeting Jessie!  So fun!!

The kids only lasted until about 8:30, and they were exhausted!

But, they woke up pretty chipper the next morning when they saw how much candy they got!

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Dave and Mandi said...

Oh my goodness Haylee.... You guys look GREAT!! LOVE the Mr and Mrs potato head idea. There is nothing like Disneyland during the holidays, looks like it was amazing.