Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Adventures at 336

On the way to Disneyland we stopped in Monrovia and spent the night with Uncle Kent and Aunt Sue.  They were the BEST hosts and we had SO MUCH FUN!!  We had yummy meals, made monster cookies, watched conference, and more.  Thank you so much wonderful Cornwalls!!

They have the most amazing home!  I just love it! 
Every single detail inside and out is gorgeous!

I LOVE this stained glass window.

I love all the moldings, the hardware, and more.

I love all her decorations too!

Both Matt and Lindsay woke up in the night and went to Aunt Sue instead of us.
Lindsay's Utah jammies were too hot, so Aunt Sue gave her a "California night gown."

In the morning, we had DELICIOUS "Happy Pancakes" with all kinds of toppings.
(Strawberries, yogurt, blueberries, peanut butter, blackberries, almonds, bananas, granola, raspberries, and syrup).

Aunt Sue even made the kids their own conference packets for General Conference.

After conference we were back on the road.
Uncle Kent and Aunt Sue even sent us on our way with dinner, snacks, and extra Monster cookies!!

Thanks again and again Cornwalls!  
We hope to come back to 336 soon!


Mom C said...

When can you come back??? We love you!!

Dad Corn said...

We really do hope the Gunnersons visit again sooner than later. (Somebody raised some very thoughtful house guests.)