Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lagoon or Bust!

I grew up in a family that doesn't like Lagoon.

One of our neighbors felt the same way and we had a continuous joke going between our families.  One of our family vacations was during “Stake Lagoon Day,” so they sent a bunch of things to remind us of Lagoon while we were away, (an old hot dog, popcorn, gum to chew up and then walk in it, etc).

One year we took this family photo when we didn’t get our tickets:

Well, Darin knew about this, and ALMOST didn’t get the free tickets to go for a work party.  Luckily, he did, and we had a great time!  The last time I went was in 1999 for 9th grade Lagoon Day!

I MIGHT even consider taking my kids there, one day.

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