Sunday, September 28, 2014

#9- Master A Song On the Piano

I only have 5 months to finish my 30 before 30, so I'm making a mad dash for the finish line.

Originally, I wanted to learn "Clari de Lune."  I worked REALLY hard on it.  Aunt DeAnna asked me to accomplish 1 measure per week.  It seemed doable.  However, that song is REALLY hard, and my piano skills aren't up to par.

I am the primary chorister for my ward.  I thought it would be fun if I could "master" all the songs before the primary program, but "Baptism" is near impossible for me.

Our family got asked to sing "The Family is Of God."  The whole primary sang the 1st verse, Darin sang a solo for the 2nd verse, I sang a solo for the 3rd verse (very poorly I might add), and Matt and Lindsay sang the 4th verse.  They did GREAT!!

Thankfully for me, the church handbook asks members not to take video or photos in the chapel, so there is no evidence of me singing, but today, I did record the kids singing at home.  They did an even better job for the program, but I love this little video of Matt and Lindsay.

And even though I didn't learn this song perfectly, I am counting it as my "mastered song on the piano."  I felt like I was playing it all day every day for 2 weeks!


Bruce and Liss said...

good job. all of it. that was just DARLING. you are the greatest!!! you should move to amarillo:)

DeAnna Packer said...

I'll take that selection any day. The piano was flawless. The singing perfect. And, my heart is simply filled with LOVE for you and the Family of the Lord. You are so very dear to me.