Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back to School Dinner

Sunday we had our first Back to School Dinner.
Our Gunnerson Family Theme for 2014 is:

 “Kindness begins with me.”

After dinner we sang, THIS song, and talked about ways to be kind.

We showed the kids our new “warm fuzzy” jar and told them every time they do something kind we will add a “fuzzy” to the jar.  When it is full we will do a fun family activity. (Yet to be determined).  After our little lesson, Darin gave each of us a Father’s Blessing.

(Side note: I spent probably 30 minutes writing and re-writing this phrase on the chalk board.  I did a really fun caligraphy writing and finally got really happy with how it looked.  Then, right before dinner, Andrew colored ALL over it, and I had to just write it in a hurry.  I now realize that the message is what is important, not the font.)

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Patrick, Lindsay and Jack said...

You are so cute! And I'm glad you threw in the last little story about mischievous Andrew. Makes me smile!