Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pioneer Day

I LOVE Bountiful's Pioneer Day.
We LOVED the parade, and we loved the fireworks at Heather's even more.

McMurray's are so fun!
Heather had crafts for the kids (they made glow bugs with eggs, pipe-cleaner, and glow-sticks).
Then, Greg used his potato gun to launch otter-pops, candy, and glow-sticks.

Oh, did I mention how many glow sticks they bought?
1,000--- ONE THOUSAND!!!

Isn't that a BEAUTIFUL sunset!?  I think I took 20 pictures of it!  LOVE it!

This might be my favorite picture from the night.
Me and my 3 siblings.
I LOVE them!  They really are the best!
Here we are oldest to youngest.
Heather, Rick, Ben, and me.

This picture really does make my heart happy.
Oh boy, I just love them so much!

Happy Pioneer Day!---
And you MUST watch this video of Greg shooting off the otter-pops, candy, and glow-sticks!

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