Monday, July 14, 2014

7 Years of Martial Bliss!

Last week was our 7th wedding anniversary!
I am SO lucky to be married to this guy!
I am so thankful that Darin is the man that I ended up with.
He is nearly perfect and he is perfect for me!

For our anniversary we went on a date to City Creek.
We tried a new restaurant called Brio.
It was tasty!

About an hour before Darin got home from work I decided it would be fun to do another "Anniversary Inn" room.  I called my sister, Heather, and she said to the the "Hawaiian Hideaway."   (And she let me borrow a bunch of her stuff--thanks Heather). So, in 60 minutes, and without spending a dime, we put together a little Hawaiian Hideaway.

Happy Anniversary my sweet!


Jessica Sorensen said...

I love Brio! That's where I pick for my birthday every year too!

Patrick, Lindsay and Jack said...

That food looks delicious! You are so cute, dear Haylee. Happy Anniversary! I can hardly believe it's been 7 years!