Sunday, April 6, 2014

Conference Weekend

One of my favorite weekends of the year!
General Conference!

I love the uplifting messages....and some rebuking to do better!
This year I made little "Conference Bags" for my kids, with little activities, and little treats for listening for key works--hoping to motivate them to listen more.
It worked pretty well for about 3 talks.

I love this picture of the kids.
No, I didn't pose them, but they did hear the camera clicking, and planned it.

I'm carrying on the tradition of "Conference Mints."

Growing up, my grandpa Hodgkinson would give us 1 "conference mint" for every talk we would listen to.  I would take my mint, listen for about 10 seconds, then go back downstairs to play.  As soon as I heard "Amen" I would run back upstairs to get my next "conference mint."  I thought I was so clever, tricking my grandpa, but now, looking back, I'm SURE he knew what I was doing.
I'm also glad that I'm the adult now, and can have as many conference mints as I want! 

And of course, we went to mom and dad's for our conference brunch!
It was EXTRA yummy this year!  
Caramel pecan pancakes, ham, ham cups, fruit, hash-browns, juice, and french toast casserole!

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Naazju said...

That baby relative of yours in the orange hair bow has the most adorable chubby cheeks!
And, mmm, I want Conference mints! I listened to all the talks! ;)