Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools!

I know a lot of people don’t like April Fools Day.
I'm not one of those people... I LOVE it!  Growing up, it was my favorite day of the year.
This year was particularly fun!

I made Darin this lunch—but when he opened each package, inside he found a homemade lunch!

For Matt and Lindsay's breakfast, I put a few drops of food coloring in the bottom of the kids’ bowls, then cereal on top.  When I poured the milk over the cereal, the milk turned blue.  The kids thought that was a pretty cool trick.  And Matt, is certain that blue milk tastes better than regular milk.

In the afternoon we went into town to pull a few pranks on my dad at his office.  I taped his phone so when he would answer it, it would just keep ringing.  I taped the bottom of his mouse so it wouldn’t work, left a mysterious piece of cake on his desk, and messed a few other things up.  He’s a good sport!  Love you dad!

When the kids took their naps, I carried Matt to Lindsay’s room (he really is a deep sleeper and stayed asleep), then I toilet papered them in.  ha ha ha-- I LOVE their faces in this picture!!

I also added mustaches to their pictures in the basement.

Last, for “dinner” I told the kids we were going to have “cake.”  
(One was meatloaf and mashed potatoes, the other cheese bread).

Then for “dessert” we had Spaghetti and Meatballs--a carrot cake, with piped white frosting for the noodles, the meatballs are just carved out of cake, the sauce is Danish dessert, and the Parmesan cheese is grated white chocolate.

Happy April Fools Day! 


Dave and Mandi said...

Great ideas Haylee! I don't really like mean April fools jokes, these were all so clever and cute. I may steal some of them for next year!! Also I am extremely jealous that your kids all nap. Extremely jealous!

mary plus vince said...

You are the cutest mom! So fun!!

Heather Morgan said...

You are adorable. You make April Fools Day look almost fun! Maybe next year I'll take a page from your book. Good work!

Haylee said...

Thanks mandi! I've been really lucky with two good napping kids! But if it makes you feel any better, andrew's a lousy sleeper, and Matt only naps like once a week.

Annie said...

Ha ha ha!! I love those Haylee! That picture of Matt and Lindsay are so cute, too!!! ...we were actually thinking similar. Hyrum and Jane got blue milk at breakfast. At lunch when they thought they were lucky enough to have pringles with it, they found carrots in the can. For dinner we also had "cake"-meatloaf with pink frosting potatoes. And dessert was "spinach puffs" with "potatoes" - green cupcakes with frosting. Oh funny! Chad didn't get a funny lunch, but when he went to brush his teeth I previously squirt the kids toothpaste in our tube, so he got their toothpaste. Oh, it was too funny. He does not like the kids toothpaste, so it was great! We had a good laugh!