Friday, March 14, 2014

Sugar House

Monday, for Family Home Evening, our family took a tour of the Sugar House Ward Building.

My great-great grandfather, LeGrand Richards, was the first bishop there.

It really is the most beautiful LDS chapel I've ever been to.

There are VERY few church buildings that have artwork in the chapel, but this is one of them.

I just loved all the details throughout the moldings in the building.

This was grandpa's office--complete with FIREPLACE!
(We saw two other fireplaces while we were there).

Sometimes, I don't know how Heather puts up with Rick.
But he IS hilarious!  Love him!

After the tour, we drove a few blocks to the house where my grandma grew up.
I think it is so pretty!!

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Naazju said...

That is a gorgeous building but I have to say I LOVE your shoes! :D