Monday, March 17, 2014

Faux Canvass

By large request here is a tutorial on how I made my Faux Canvas.

Here are some step by step instructions.  If you're interested in me doing a tutorial with pictures, let me know, but hopefully this will help.

What you'll need:
-An Engineering Print
-Foam Board from the dollar store
-Spray Adhesive (optional)
-Packing Tape
-Hot Glue
-2 paperclips

#1- Upload the picture of your choice to  Choose the 24x36 option, and make sure that your picture has room for an edge, so you're not cutting off heads when you wrap it later. This print will cost you $3.00.

#2.  When you pick up your print, you'll notice your picture isn't super high quality, and may even have lines in them.  That is ok.  (Remember, you only paid, $3.00 for it).

#3.  You'll need to go to dollar tree and buy one of their foam boards.  I already had one, so this project will end up costing $4.00, instead of $3.00 (GASP!).

#4.  Lay your picture on the board, and decide where you want your picture placed.  We marked the back side with a pencil so we knew where to put it.

#5.  Give your picture a light spray on the back with spray glue.  (We actually skipped this step on one of the canvases.  Can you tell which one?  Neither can we, so if you must, you can skip this step).

#6. After you stick your picture onto the board, cute the corners off the picture (this helps so you don't have a heavy corner) --just cut it off in a square shape so the tip of the cut out meets where the board is.

#7. Wrap the flaps around to the back of the picture.  Secure it to the board with packing tape.  (Just like wraping a present).

#8.  Hot glue paper clips to the back so you can hang it on the wall

#9.  You're FINISHED!!  Enjoy your new artwork!!

I LOVE the way mine turned out, and it is nice to finally have some "art" in the basement, and replace the pictures above the stairs  with a new big canvas to include Andrew!

Here are my three canvas knock-offs in the basement:

Here is one with Matt so you can get an idea of how big they really are.


Then, I did another one that is DOUBLE the size of the three in the basement.
It doesn't look that big in the picture, but it is pretty large.
And this one cost a little more...$5 instead of $3.

(For this big one, I did the same thing, but I taped TWO dollar foam boards together, then secured them with a yardstick on the back).

Thanks mama for helping me put it together!  I LOVE how they turned out!

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Bump and Erin said...

They look so great!! You are amazing!