Monday, March 31, 2014

Alphabet Dates-- A and B

My friend, Katie, is always coming up with the cutest ideas!
She and her husband go on "Alphabet Dates."  They take turns choosing a letter, then the whole date revolves around that letter.
We decided to copy them (again).

I started by planning the 
"A" date. 

We ate ASIAN food, while we watched the AIRPLANES at the AIRPORT.

When we came home we watched an ANIMATED movie and ate ALMOND m&ms!

Even my fortune cookie went with the theme...ADVENTURE!

Next, Darin planned the 
"B Date"

We played Badminton in the Backyard with a Birdie.
Darin made us Blue cheese Bacon Burgers on a Bun with Brownies for dessert.

I love this picture of Darin giving Andrew a "Pep Talk."

Then we ended the night with a Bubble Bath!

Dates A and B were so much fun!  I can't wait for C and D!!


Naazju said...

Clark and I have friends that have been doing alphabet dates for the last two years. We've been talking about doing something similar starting this summer (when there's more time, lol) and it's fun to see some of your ideas now, too!

ERINR said...

I LOVE this idea!! We just might steal it too!