Saturday, January 25, 2014

Matt’s Despicable Birthday Party

Matt really wanted a “Minion” birthday this year and it was FUN!!

We started by giving the kids their own minion costume.

(By the way—the TOTAL cost of all THREE costumes was $3.00 thanks to mom sewing the aprons from some old fabric that I had, and my dad donating the shirts).

(Andrew and I dressed up too).

Next, we had a little lunch.

(Peanut butter and Gru’s Jelly Sandwiches, minion jell-o, baples and bananas, and cookies from the stolen pyramid).

Next, we played a few games.
Yellow minion, yellow minion, PURPLE minion.  
(Our version of duck, duck, goose).

Pin the eye on the minion.

And shoot the evil minion with the jelly gun antidote.
(I think this was their favorite part).

Matt opened presents, they ate minion cupcakes, then “watched” the minion shorts—but really they just played.

The cute minion cupcakes!! (Which were banana flavor per request of the birthday boy).
And a big shout out to my sister, Heather, for making the minion eyes--they turned out great!!

It was a really fun party, and I can’t believe that Matt is going to be FIVE on Sunday!

Happy Birthday Matthew!!

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Ioana said...

What a fun, fun, fun party!!! My kids would LOVE to have such a party! Haylee, you're seriously so awesome! And I'm so glad we bumped into each other at the Temple the other night!