Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I LOVE Thanksgiving!

We woke up Thursday morning and put our last leaves on our Thankful Tree.

(We later used the leaves to turn Andrew into a Turkey--he's so cute!!)

After we watched the parade, the kids helped me make our pies!
(Because we all know they are awesome at MAKING PIE!)

Then we headed to my parents' house.

My mom always does such a great job setting the table.
I thought this year was particularly cute!

Especially the place cards...mainly because Lindsay has been calling herself,
So, here is her place card. 

We loved being with family while we waited for the finishing touches on the meal.

And let the meal begin!!

Look at all that food!!  And that isn't even all of it!
We also had NINE pies for dessert!!



Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The First Thanksgiving

We had a little mini Thanksgiving with a few friends.
I sure love these kiddos.


#11 Get new Living Room Furniture

I have never loved my living room furniture.
I guess that's why getting a new set was on my 30 before 30.

Darin's parents upgraded, and we got their old set.
And I LOVE it!!  
Thanks a million  mom and dad!!!

My mom made me this cute table cover:
(Thanks mama!!)

And I LOVE that this family keepsake happens to perfectly match the colors!

Mom also made these two decorative pillows with the extra fabric--isn't she awesome!?

We are LOVING our new living room!!


This boy.
So happy during the day, so grumpy at night.
He's been teething for a month now.
It keeps us all up during the night.

He pulls himself up to stand on everything.
He thinks he's ready to walk.
His mom thinks he needs to SLOW DOWN!!

Favorite food: Apricots.
Favorite activity: Chase with Matthew/Peek-a-boo

He also recently discovered his voice.
He loves to talk in his horse tones.
Says, mama (although he doesn't correlate it to me).
Sometimes he growls, which makes me laugh.

Happy 7 months little Andrew!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

St. George

We took a little trip to St. George this weekend and we had

Thanks mom and dad!!  It was a blast!!

The kids had fun riding on Grandma and Grandpa's horse!

They had fun building towers!

They had fun doing puzzles.

We all had fun watching "Free Birds."
It was the kids' first time to a movie theater.
We also had a yummy lunch at Iceberg!

But one of my favorite parts of the trip was the Children's museum!

Matt  the mailman!

Lindsay in the kitchen

Matt milking the cow.

Lindsay playing dress-up!

My cute pilots

Matt fixing the car.

Matt the fireman.

This next part was my FAVORITE room!  I could have spent all day here.

Matt on top of the castle.

My little princess...with a dragon in the background.

This room was Darin's favorite....the SCIENCE room.

Experimenting with bubbles.

Matt and Lindsay as Malone and Stockton.

Thanks mom and dad for the BEST TRIP EVER!!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Evening In Excellence -- STAND in Holy Places

Last night we had Evening in Excellence.
I’m the Personal Progress Advisor so I was really involved with this one.
I was in charge of all the decorations, I helped with the program, and helped make the food.
The theme was “Stand in Holy Places.”
So, we did a shoe theme.
I was really happy with the way the decorations turned out.

 Rick, for donating all of the boxes!!  

 Kristy and Jess for loaning some of your shoes!

 Heather for watching my kids during the event!
and Darin, for taking care of the kids while I cut shoes!

This was our backdrop.
I think it looked cuter than the picture shows.
See all those shoes?
No…that wasn't a cricut!
That was hours of me cutting out individual shoes.  (I did over 70).
Oh, and that chandelier?
I cut that out by hand too!

For the centerpieces I covered shoe boxes with wrapping paper and placed a black high heel on top.

The shoes again…because it was a lot of work!

Some of the Stake Leaders.

The food table.  We had 7 different soups, salad, rolls, and dessert.

I made a pumpkin coconut curry soup.  Yum!

The program/menu.

I made a shoe for each girl to take home.

And here is the stage.  I like how this came together too.

Two of the girls doing their parts.  

Aren't these girls BEAUTIFUL!!?  I LOVE THEM!!!
Such an amazing group of Young Women!!

Three and a half years ago, when I was the Young Women’s President,
I told the girls that I’d get my award for the second time.  

I finally did it!!

It was fun to get my award with one of our favorite babysitters!!

I finally got #23 checked off my 30 before 30!!