Tuesday, October 29, 2013

4th Annual Donut Night!

Last night we had our 4th Annual Donut Night.

Sunday night Andrew was up all night, which meant I was up all night.
I kept debating about even doing the party this year because I was so  tired.
But, we did it.

We didn't give much notice to our neighbors,
which resulted in our smallest turnout (about 50 people), but we still had fun.

While Darin and I were cooking, I went into the living room and found that Matt had organized a game of musical chairs with all our neighbors.  That made me laugh.

Lindsay was the perfect little hostess.  She cracks me up!  Each time someone new came to the door she'd say, "Oh!  Hi!  Come on in!" Then, when anyone left she was always so good to say, "Bye!  Thanks for coming!"

The first few didn't turn out so great, but by the end of the night they were BEAUTIFUL!!

My amazingly awesome fryer of a husband!


Bishop was nice to give Lindsay rides...

Another successful night!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Carving Pumpkins

Matt asked me about 1,000 times if we could carve pumpkins.
We finally got around to doing it on Saturday.
We REALLY had a fun time.
And I LOVE how festive it makes my porch.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

More Halloween Pictures

I just can't get enough of these three.
I thought the costumes were going to be fun but they turned out even cuter that I was expecting!
We did all three of the kids' costumes for under $14.
We found Matt and Andrew's online.
My mom made Lindsay's dress and my neighbor made Lindsay's shoes.
They are pretty cute if you ask me!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hodgkinson Halloween Party!

Monday for FHE we had our annual Hodgkinson Halloween Party.
My mom always does such fun things!
The food was REALLY yummy!

My sister, Heather, made some really cute bread bowls that looked like pumpkins.
Kristy made a delicious chicken tortilla soup.
Mom made a yummy loaded potato soup and cute candy corn fruit cups.
Hez and I made salads--her's was EXTRA yummy!
Dad made a cute jack-o-lantern shaped cheese ball.

After dinner mom and Heather did fun games and activities for the kids.
We really liked these cute ghost bananas!
(You can see Linds saying "oooooohh!")

I am LOVING Gracie's glasses!

It is always fun to see everyone's costumes!

Cute Reese as the caterpillar, and then Eliza is the butterfly!
(Ben and Kristy had butterfly nets too, but I didn't get a picture).

My tin man, Matt.

Lindsay is "Dorothy for Kansas."
(She always says for instead of from).

And our cowardly lion, Andrew.

Heather's girls as glow in the dark jellyfish. 

Here they are in the light:

And then, when they go outside, THIS happens:

And here is my scary make-up, that Lindsay isn't too fond of.

And our little family!  

Happy Halloween!!

We Made it to a REAL Pumpkin Patch!

Right when we got home from the cabin our neighbors invited us to the pumpkin patch.
We were wearing the same clothes from the night before, we were dirty, needed naps, but we decided to go anyway.  I'm sure glad that we did, because it was so fun!  We got to go on a hay ride out into the field and then pick our own pumpkin.  It was really cute!  Thanks Chris for inviting us!  We had a blast!!