Sunday, July 28, 2013


Not sure if anyone will enjoy this as much as I do, but I had to share.
I feel so “overwhelmed” and “overcome with joy” because of this sweet little guy!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Handcart Days!

I love Pioneer Day in Bountiful!  
The parade, the fireworks, and my mom’s birthday!

This year was particularly fun!

It was Andrew’s first time going!

Lindsay with the “Birthday Girl!” 
(Can you believe my mom is 59!?)

My darling niece Becca was on the MPJ float because she’s a 7th grade officer!
(I still have lots of MPJ pride—mostly because my brother always says I “peaked” in Junior High and then my whole life has been going downhill since)  ha ha.

Becca is the cute blonde waving in the white shorts!

If you went to the parade, you probably saw the BEAUTIFUL Cinderella!!

Well, we happen to be related to Cinderella, so we got to get up close and personal with her after the parade!  
Lindsay was in HEAVEN....until she had to share Cinderella with some of the neighbors.
 (It was SOO fun to see you Mandi!  Wish we could have chatted longer!) 


 Abbey, you make one beautiful Cinderella!!

After visting with the family, we went to my sister's house to watch the fireworks!

They had this fun glowstick welcome sign when we got there.

And lots of yummy snacks for everyone, with glowstick centerpieces.

Since fireworks are illegal east of Orchard Drive, Heather and Greg did the COOLEST thing EVER
They filled up their potato gun with glowsticks, shot it off, and let all the kids pick up the sticks!


This video doesn't do it justice, but at least you can get the idea!


Picking up all the glowsticks  (Greg and Heather bought 700 glowsticks!!)

And then the show started!  

Thanks for having us Greg and Heather!!

And Happy Birthday to the cutest 59 year old in town!!  LOVE YOU MOM!!

St. George Part 5: Pizza Factory

We had the last part of our reunion at the Pizza Factory.  
(Thanks for planning that Aunt Sue and Heather).
We had a yummy dinner, a slide show of the reunion (that turned out awesome by Jeff and Reesa), and a tribute video of Grandma Hodgkinson.  It was a really fun night!
I forgot to take pictures during the dinner, but I did snap a few as we were leaving.

Thanks to EVERYONE for the hard work on the reunion--especially Aunt Terri!!
Thank you mom and dad Hodgkinson for our shirts, lunch, dinner, and tickets to Mulan!!
And thank you mom and dad Gunnerson for letting us stay with you, all the yummy meals, babysitting, and more!

St. George Part 4: Brunch

Saturday morning my aunt Barb, and her husband Richard made a delicious brunch!

Todd's boys gave out AMAZING foot, neck, head, and hand massages to everyone!
(That may have been my favorite part of the whole trip!)

After brunch we did some crafts, corn husk dolls, family history bingo, and get to know you games.
It was really fun, except for when Andrew had a major blow-out on mom's white pants!

And Matt and Lindsay had a fun ride as Grandpa and dad mowed the backyard.

St. George Part 3: Tuacahn

We went to Tuacahn while we were in St. George.
We saw Mulan and it was so fun!  
The kids LOVED it--espeically Matt.
(Mushu should be receiving some fan mail from Matt this week)

And a BIG thank you to mom and dad Hodgkinson for our tickets,
and a BIG thank you to mom and dad Gunnerson for watching Andrew while we were gone!!

St. George Part 2: The Tabernacle

Thursday afternoon we went to the St. George Tabernacle for some family photos.
My cousin, Jeff, is an amazing photographer and took the pictures for us--and I snapped a few too.

Lindsay and my grandma Hodgkinson.

My family.

Our family of five.
(Andrew REALLY is a happy baby....unless we're getting a family picture taken).

We went on the carousel while we were there.

(My cousin Brittany and two of her kids)
This is how Matt felt about the carousel:

And this is how Lindsay felt about the carousel:

But is got a little better with some help from Aunt Kristy and Uncle Rick.

St. George Part 1: The Splash Pad

We went down to St. George this weekend for the "Hodgkinson Family Reunion."
All of our family is really spread out--from Alaska to Massachusetts to Thailand.
There were cousins there the I haven't seen in over 15 years.

My Aunt Terri planned it and it turned out GREAT!  
We had a lot of fun activities and it was really fun to see everyone again.

Friday morning we went to the splash pad.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

3 Months

How is this boy THREE months already?
We sure love this little guy!

He's been rolling from tummy to back since he was 3 weeks,
but this week he's rolled back to tummy TWICE!!
Every time I put him on his blanket and leave the room,
 I come back to find him somewhere else.

Happy 3 months Andrew!
We love you so much!

Monday, July 22, 2013

CAA Princess Camp

Lindsay spent the week at Creative Arts Academy's "Princess Camp."

It was Monday-Thursday for 50 minutes each day.
She had a great time, and it made her seem suddenly so grown up.

This camp was especially fun because she got to take the class with her cousin, Eliza.

Monday, they spent the day with "Belle" and learned that reading can be fun.
They made books and learned a dance.

Tuesday, they spent they day with "Aurora" and learned to be kind to everyone.
They also read more books, did a craft, and a dance.


Wednesday, was "Rapunzel" day and Eliza let Lindsay use her "Rapunzel" dress.
They learned how to develop all their talents, made floating lanterns, and learned another dance.

Their teachers, Aubrey and Jana, are so cute!

Thursday was their last day.  All of the families got to come and see their performance.
They did two dances.  The first one was to "Bonjour" from Beauty and the Beast.  They had books for props, and Lindsay didn't participate and was a little bit of a stinker.  The second dance was to "I See the Light" from Tangled.  Lindsay, followed directions, and was fun to watch.  It was really cute to see her dancing with her lantern.

Lindsay giving her teacher, "Princess Aubrey" a hug goodbye.

And of course, we had to get more photos of the cute princesses.  
I may have gone overboard with pictures, but I just think she is so darn cute!