Saturday, April 27, 2013

Andrew's First Outing!

With the exception of going to the doctor's office, we hadn't left the house once.
I was starting to get a little cabin fever, so we ventured on our first outing with Andrew!
We went up to J&J for to buy some tomatoes and other plants for our garden.
I know it may not seem like a big deal, but it was a really nice break!

Darin let each of the kids choose their own plant.

And we had to look at the fish!

Friday, April 26, 2013


In the weeks leading up to Andrew’s birth, Matthew could hardly wait!  Lindsay on the other hand, would avoid the topic or say “I baby.”  

When my mom took the kids to see Andrew for the first time they looked into the window and Matt said, “That’s my Andrew!  I LOVE my little Andrew.”  

Lindsay said, “I no like him.  He no come home with me.”

I was SOO scared about the adjustment for Lindsay, but from day two on she has LOVED Andrew!  She really is so sweet to him and she loves to hold him, kiss him, or help in any way she can.  (She also loves playing nurse and giving me my medicine every day).

I couldn’t ask for the transition to go any better!  Both of the kids have done great and have been so helpful!  They love this little baby and I am so thankful! 

Three Days Old

Here's our three day old little Andrew

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Andrew's Birth Story

We are in love!

This little baby boy has stolen our hearts!
I know that most parents feel this way, but I really do think he is the cutest baby!

Thursday morning was the big day of his arrival.

7:00 we drop Matt and Lindsay off to my parents’ house.
7:30 we check in to Lakeview.  
(One of the nurses answered the “check in phone” saying, “Welcome to the morgue” thinking we were part of the staff.  We all got a good laugh out of that.)
8:30 I get changed, debriefed, and Dr. Ward comes in to break my water.
9:00 I start the Pitocin drip and contractions began.  Darin and I visit, laugh (especially at Darin's impressions),  and eat snow cones and ice chips.
10:30 I get the epidural and life is WONDERFUL
12:10 My nurse, Mary Ann, checks me and I’m dilated to a 6.  She guesses I have about 3-4 hours left.
12:15 Mary Ann can’t find Andrew’s heart beat so she checks me again, and I am complete.
12:20 Calls Dr. Ward and the equipment comes in.
12:25 We do a “practice push.”
12:30 We do a real push and Andrew is OUT!

One of the first things I noticed about Andrew is how SMALL his head was, only to find out that he is in the 95th percentile for head circumference.  It made me realize how big Lindsay’s head REALLY was.  (Andrew’s head was 38cm and Lindsay was 48cm).  When he came out he held his breath a couple of times but then he did great.

Happy BIRTH Day little Andrew!