Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Matthew

On Halloween Matt saw lots of kids dressed up as spider-man, which sparked a new interest for him.  I wasn’t sure if I liked the idea of Matt liking spider-man, and we’ve only let him watch a cartoon from the 70s of spider-man, but I will admit, planning a spider-man party was actually REALLY fun!

We started the party with some lunch, including spider-web pizza, salad, bread sticks  spider-web jell-o, cookies, and spider juice.

After lunch we played "Pin the Spider on the Web"

Next we sprayed our webs (with silly string) to shoot the bad guys.


(I am not an artist, but I thought my drawings of the bad guys turned out cute...
even if they did just end up getting covered in silly string).

Next Matt opened some presents.

Our friends just happen to have a spider-man bounce house that they let us borrow.
The kids LOVED it!!
Thank you SOO much Chris!!

I wish I would have taken more pictures of this, but I got some great videos...
the party ended with a surprise visitor....


(Blake, thanks a TON for the costume and thanks Luke a TON for being spider-man!)  
Matt is still talking about it!

Happy Birthday Matt!  You sure are a fun, happy, good little boy!

St. George

Friday night we headed down to St. George for the weekend.
Darin’s dad was called to be the Stake Patriarch, so we all headed down to be with him.

We got in late Friday night and went right to bed.
(Thanks SOO SOOO much Rich and Rose for letting us stay at your place!)

Saturday morning we headed over pretty early to mom and dad G’s house for birthday pancakes for Matthew!  Then we spent the morning playing with blocks and other toys.

By the afternoon, several other family members had made it over and we had a little BBQ for lunch followed by a little cake and ice-cream.

I think Lindsay got bored waiting for the cake.

Matt’s favorite part was “present time!”

After presents Matt got a fever, cough, runny nose, and was pretty miserable, poor guy.  We left all the kids (minus Matthew) at home with Aunt Vicki (THANKS SO MUCH VICKI!!) and went out to dinner with just the adults, and the sick birthday boy.

Sunday morning we got up early again and headed to Stake Conference.  Both mom and dad spoke and they both did a great job!  After dad got ordained we headed back for some yummy lunch!

The kids all loved being with uncle Darin!

Sunday was Darin’s birthday and mom made him a birthday cake, but we only had 2 candles left after using some from Matt’s bday.  Can't believe he is 32!!

It was fun to be with everyone, but we really missed Janie and the kids, and the rest of Chris’s family.

After lunch we headed home.  We only made is about 3 blocks then Lindsay puked all over herself.  We pulled over, changed her, got her cleaned up, then got going again.  Unfortunately we had to do that three more times on the ride home.  We also had MISERABLE roads, and it took us SIX hours to get home!  I think we’ll be doing a “make-up birthday” for Darin very soon.

Other that the sickness, and the long drive we had a great time!  It was really hard to leave the St. George weather to come home to a new foot of snow, but we were thankful that our neighbors has already shoveled for us so we could pull right in!  We’re so lucky!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


We've been making a few changes around our house.
We moved Matt down to the basement to make a room for the baby,
Lindsay is now in a big girl bed,
 the nursery is almost ready for baby boy,
and since our room was the only one without a change,
Santa brought us some new bedding! 

Here are some of the before and afters:

Matt's old room/now the nursery:



Although, I will admit, I'm a little sad we don't get to use the bedding we made for Matt's nursery:

Our bedroom before:

And after:

Lindsay's room before:

And after:
(there are still a few changes her bed frame that I'm REALLY excited about).

Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

Today we had a little bubble birthday party for Lindsay.

We started out by making bubble wands.

Then we made some bubble art  (that didn’t turn out too well).

But then we made “human bubbles” and that was the HIT of the party!

Next we ate a little lunch.

Followed by some cake!

Then opening presents.

Happy Birthday Lindsay!  We sure love you!!