Monday, December 23, 2013

Work Party

This morning we went to Darin’s work party.
Rudy and Jena did such a great job!

We started with a yummy breakfast, and enjoyed visiting with the others there.
(They also invited the missionaries, which I thought was SO nice!)

After breakfast, we heard some jingle bells, and it was SANTA!!

I usually am a big advocate of teaching my kids patience, and waiting their turn, but when Lindsay saw Santa, she ran past everyone and was the first one on his lap.  It really was so so cute!

Santa gave Andrew a stuffed animal, and Matt and Lindsay got nice nerf guns.
Then Rudy gave Darin a Visa cash card and a KNIFE, and all the women V’s chocolates! 
(The top layer might already be gone).

Thanks Rudy and Jena for a WONDERFUL party!
And thanks Santa and Mrs. Claus!  

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