Friday, December 13, 2013

There's A Tree in the Grand Hotel

Today Hez, Kristy, mom, and I took the kids to see the windows at the Grand America.

It was magical.

It was my first time, and I think I’m in love with that hotel—so fancy!

The window displays were amazing, but the gingerbread house was UNREAL!
They had a fact sheet, and the numbers blew my mind!
1,200 lbs of flour. 400 lbs of sugar. 1,200 eggs and more!  

It was a wonderful day!

I kind of get a little sick thinking that this boy will be in Kindergarten this time next year.
And all our little "outings" won't be as easy to do.


Sophie Solomon Bigelow said...


Come see me.


Haylee said...

Sophie!! I would LOVE to come see you! Sounds amazing!

Jessica Sorensen said...

Aren't the windows so fun?! We loved them, and the best part is you stay warm!