Monday, December 2, 2013

The Lindsay Tree at the Festival of Trees!!

We have the BEST neighbors in the WHOLE WORLD!!
Every year their extended family makes a tree to donate to the Festival of Trees.
Since Lindsay spent a lot of time at Primary's, this year they made their tree in honor of Lindsay.

The whole tree (and surroundings) were based on things that Lindsay loves!
A tea table, tea set, teddy bear, make up, princess dresses, dress ups, make up, lipstick, tiaras, wands, PINK and purple, and more!

They were so sweet to invite us to "set up" the tree--
even though it was nearly done when we got there.  

Their attention to detail was amazing!
Everything was so so so cute!!

And I LOVE that the tree skirt is a tutu!
(Chris even made Lindsay a matching tutu!!---so so cute!!)

They even let Matt and Lindsay play with the tea set for a minute.

And try on one of the glass slippers!

Our Miracle Princess!!

Lindsay and Austin

Andrew and Austin

The tree

Look at all the cute dresses, shoes, and jewelry that goes with the tree!!

The cute table, chairs, rug, tutu, tea set, and bear!

The make up set

The crew!

Thanks again you wonderful, kind, generous people!!!
We love you!!


~Love Lis said...

That is so sweet! I love the tree and the festival! :) How kind of your dear friends! xo

Heather Morgan said...

That is so special and cute! I love it!

Annie said...

That is so sweet and cute!!! How awesome! Now, how did you get Lindsay into princesses and all the girly stuff with an older brother? I figured Jane doesn't care about that because she's been exposed to too much Batman, etc. But you're in a similar situation...