Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year in Review!

I have enjoyed looking back at this past year.
What a FUN year it has been!!
Here are a few of the 2013 highlights:

Lindsay turned 2.

Matt turned 4.

Darin turned 32.

Haylee turned 28.

We had a fun Chinese New Year,

 a Happy Valentine's Day,

...and a fun Easter.

Darin left eTrade for a new job.

Our sweet little Andrew was born!!

We had a fun Cinco de Mayo Celebration.

I had my first mother's day as a mother of THREE!

We had some fun trips up at the cabin.

Lindsay moved to a big girl bed!

We had a fun Science Day with the cousins!

We had a happy 4th of July!

Darin and I celebrated our 6th wedding Anniversary!

Lindsay went to Princess Camp.

Matt went to Adventure Camp.

We had our Hodgkinson Family Reunion in St. George.

Lindsay was potty trained!!

We did the dirty dash!

We had a fun, busy fall!

We had a happy Halloween, with my favorite costumes yet!

I did the YW Evening in Excellence, and got my award!

We had a yummy Thanksgiving!

We had the awesome blessing with "Lindsay's Tree."

And we had  a WONDERFUL Christmas!!

Happy New Year!!
Can't wait for 2014!!

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Dave and Mandi said...

Loved reviewing your year. Beautiful kids, beautiful parties. You are so talented Haylee! Glad 2013 was so fun for you and your sweet family. Hope 2014 is just as joyful!!