Sunday, November 3, 2013

I Love to See the Temple.

Last week we had Stake Conference.
Someone shared President Monson's quote, 

"Let your children touch the temple so it can touch them."

They talked about letting your kids physically touch the temple.
Yesterday, after naps, we took the kids on a walk to the temple and let them touch it.

I think that the temple did touch them.
When we got home, Matt wanted to change his leaf on our "Thankful Tree."
He wanted his leaf to show that he's thankful for the temple.


"Let your children touch the temple so it can touch them."


Naazju said...

Beautiful! You should print that last shot and hang it in the children's playroom (or bedroom) so that they can be reminded all the time.
I love children and the influence the temple can have on them. Azucena's favorite song right now is "I Love To See the Temple" and she sings it all the time. And she loves seeing temples in real life, too. She always makes sure we pay attention to them if we're walking or driving past.
Children are the best!

Patrick, Lindsay and Jack said...

What a great idea! You really are so blessed with such sweet kiddos and to be so close to the temple. I wish we could walk there! This is a great reminder that I need to get back to the temple. I think I've been once in the last year and a half! It's so hard since we have to either bring Jack and switch off going to sessions alone or find someone to watch him allll day while we go. But you've inspired me to find a way and do it!

Darin and Liesel said...

I love that! And Lindsay's little scarf-Beyond adorable!! I love your cute family!