Friday, November 15, 2013

Evening In Excellence -- STAND in Holy Places

Last night we had Evening in Excellence.
I’m the Personal Progress Advisor so I was really involved with this one.
I was in charge of all the decorations, I helped with the program, and helped make the food.
The theme was “Stand in Holy Places.”
So, we did a shoe theme.
I was really happy with the way the decorations turned out.

 Rick, for donating all of the boxes!!  

 Kristy and Jess for loaning some of your shoes!

 Heather for watching my kids during the event!
and Darin, for taking care of the kids while I cut shoes!

This was our backdrop.
I think it looked cuter than the picture shows.
See all those shoes?
No…that wasn't a cricut!
That was hours of me cutting out individual shoes.  (I did over 70).
Oh, and that chandelier?
I cut that out by hand too!

For the centerpieces I covered shoe boxes with wrapping paper and placed a black high heel on top.

The shoes again…because it was a lot of work!

Some of the Stake Leaders.

The food table.  We had 7 different soups, salad, rolls, and dessert.

I made a pumpkin coconut curry soup.  Yum!

The program/menu.

I made a shoe for each girl to take home.

And here is the stage.  I like how this came together too.

Two of the girls doing their parts.  

Aren't these girls BEAUTIFUL!!?  I LOVE THEM!!!
Such an amazing group of Young Women!!

Three and a half years ago, when I was the Young Women’s President,
I told the girls that I’d get my award for the second time.  

I finally did it!!

It was fun to get my award with one of our favorite babysitters!!

I finally got #23 checked off my 30 before 30!!


Mona "Lisa" said...

Love this Haylee! You are so talented. Can't believe you were able to cut all those shoes by hand and that chandelier- AMAZING! Those girls are so lucky to have you in there. Will you tell Rachel and Makayla Hi from me? I taught them a few years ago ;)

Mandee Monson said...

You are crazy amazing Hay! I love how you go above and beyond to make life wonderful! I loved the value colored shoes and all your amazing decorations! Love you!

Naazju said...

Each of those shoe cut-outs is so detailed! I'm SUPER impressed that you cut them all out by hand!
And I love that you represented each virtue with a shoe of that color. So cute, colorful, and GREAT reminder for each of the girls!
Congratulations on receiving your YW medallion again! Our ward RS was just challenged to do the same thing!

Lisa Evans said...

Hi are AH-MAZING!! What a beautiful atmosphere! It is so great you received your award twice! I tried when I was in the YW presidency and other YW callings for a couple of years back in Maryland and really struggled...and failed. I would love one day to accomplish that goal...who knows! Anyhoo, thanks for your inspiration and sharing this special night. Let me know if you want anything specific in the Jan newsletter...Sister Fultz sent me a couple of nice pictures and I'll put together what I can from your blog. Thanks again!

Salwa said...

Hi,I LOVE those shoe cut outs! Wow! This is amazing! Any chance you would be willing to sell them if you still have them?