Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hodgkinson Halloween Party!

Monday for FHE we had our annual Hodgkinson Halloween Party.
My mom always does such fun things!
The food was REALLY yummy!

My sister, Heather, made some really cute bread bowls that looked like pumpkins.
Kristy made a delicious chicken tortilla soup.
Mom made a yummy loaded potato soup and cute candy corn fruit cups.
Hez and I made salads--her's was EXTRA yummy!
Dad made a cute jack-o-lantern shaped cheese ball.

After dinner mom and Heather did fun games and activities for the kids.
We really liked these cute ghost bananas!
(You can see Linds saying "oooooohh!")

I am LOVING Gracie's glasses!

It is always fun to see everyone's costumes!

Cute Reese as the caterpillar, and then Eliza is the butterfly!
(Ben and Kristy had butterfly nets too, but I didn't get a picture).

My tin man, Matt.

Lindsay is "Dorothy for Kansas."
(She always says for instead of from).

And our cowardly lion, Andrew.

Heather's girls as glow in the dark jellyfish. 

Here they are in the light:

And then, when they go outside, THIS happens:

And here is my scary make-up, that Lindsay isn't too fond of.

And our little family!  

Happy Halloween!!

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