Saturday, October 12, 2013

Date Night to Station Park

I love my kids.
But, I sure do LOVE the break from them.

Darin has been really busy.
He works long days, then has meetings most nights.

We finally got a date in.
It was much needed!!

We went to Station Park in Farmington.
It was beautiful and a perfect fall night!
We went to Settebello Pizzeria. 

It was really yummy, but I told Darin I can't ever go back there, because it will never be as much fun as it was that night.  We had THE BEST seat in the house!!  See this picture below?  Well, where that couple is, is where our seats were!!  It was so pretty to be by the fire and see the fountains! We really lucked out getting that seat!  So fun!

Our view from our table.

My oober handsome date!!

After the dinner, we walked around Station Park, and stopped by Sugar Daisy where we shared a cupcake and hot chocolate.  It was really tasty too. However, as yummy as all the food was, the best part was just getting a little break with my sweetie!

Thanks Darin!!

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