Sunday, October 6, 2013

Conference Weekend!

I LOVE conference weekend.
A few days before conference Darin's cousin, Amy, did a cute dinner with a "special guest."
She did a different member of the 1st presidency each night.
I stole her idea, but we only had one guest, President Monson.

We had him over for dinner, and enjoyed learning a little more about the Prophet.
We found out he loves tomato soup from Little America.
So, we had grilled cheese, and tomato soup.
(Although, I will admit, I REALLY would have rather been at Little America).

His favorite food is ice-cream.  
And since we're trying to be more healthy, we all shared one scoop of ice-cream in honor of President Monson.

During conference, the kids loved doing their packets from Grandma.

And between sessions, we did a final harvest of our garden.

And we picked, juiced, and bottled all of our grapes.

Can't wait for the next conference is 6 months!!


Amy said...

So happy you did it too! And I love that you found out his favorite foods. We'll have to do that next time. Grape juice?!!! That's awesome. Ah, man. I wish we lived closer.

ERINR said...

I need to live by you guys!! When we saw the picture of the vegetables from your garden, Alayna said "mmmm mmm. Those look nummy!"

Ioana said...

What a neat idea with the dinner guest! I just read about it in the Ensign today. So need to do this! :)