Tuesday, October 29, 2013

4th Annual Donut Night!

Last night we had our 4th Annual Donut Night.

Sunday night Andrew was up all night, which meant I was up all night.
I kept debating about even doing the party this year because I was so  tired.
But, we did it.

We didn't give much notice to our neighbors,
which resulted in our smallest turnout (about 50 people), but we still had fun.

While Darin and I were cooking, I went into the living room and found that Matt had organized a game of musical chairs with all our neighbors.  That made me laugh.

Lindsay was the perfect little hostess.  She cracks me up!  Each time someone new came to the door she'd say, "Oh!  Hi!  Come on in!" Then, when anyone left she was always so good to say, "Bye!  Thanks for coming!"

The first few didn't turn out so great, but by the end of the night they were BEAUTIFUL!!

My amazingly awesome fryer of a husband!


Bishop was nice to give Lindsay rides...

Another successful night!


Jena said...

So sad we missed it! 😟

Nancy Jones said...

Could I have your donut recipe? Those look sooo tasty!