Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Dirty Dash

Today Rick, Darin, and I ran the Dirty Dash.
Ben was supposed to come too, but he had to work.
We missed you Ben!!

My parents were nice enough to watch our kids and take pictures!

Our cheering section:

Matt and Lindsay had their own fun in the mud.

Rick and Darin were so fun to run with.
I felt like I was laughing the whole time.
Except for the part where Rick "helped" me over the dirt mountains,
and then continued to pull me over face first into the mud.  
Ok, that part was fun too!

I love the look on our kids' faces when we tried to kiss them.

My battle wound.
(It looks a lot worse than it actually was).

Dad and mom were EXTRA nice and took us out to lunch afterwards!
Thanks Pa and Ma!!

I fed Andrew while right after the race, and he was covered in dirt too!

Another WONDERFULLY fun and adventurous dirty dash!!


Patrick, Lindsay and Jack said...

Fun! Love the dirty dash. And that looks like my favorite place- Tarahumara? Did you try the cheesecake chimichanga?

Haylee said...

Yes it was that place, but no I didn't try the cheesecake chimichanga :( sounds selfish though!! I guess I'll just have to go again with you sometime!