Monday, September 2, 2013

Giddy Up!

Today we went to Francis Frontier Days.
Darin had to work but I decided to brave it, and I took all three kids up by myself!!
Thankfully Rick and Olivia were there, and helped a bunch!

After the rodeo, they had some fun races for the kids.
They got to race for pigs, chickens, rabbits, and kittens.
If they caught it, the could take it home.
I prayed that Matt wouldn’t catch one.
Thankfully, his only prize was a soda.

I kind of LOVE LOVE LOVE my nephews.
They are all super awesome!
They did great in their races, and they even rode some animals in the rodeo.
Eli won a trophy for staying on the sheep for the longest.

Thanks Rick and Olivia for letting us join in on the town celebration!
We LOVE you guys!

My little Cowgirl!

My big cowboy

I really love this little cowboy too!!
Thanks mom and dad Gunnerson for the cute outfit!!

I saw some pretty awesome mullets up there, 
but I think Andrew might have the mullet award in the bag!!

Look at Luke go!!
(He's in the red shirt).

Lindsay and Liv!  Love those two!


Courtney N said...

LOL! The baby mullet is so funny!

Courtney N said...

LOL! The baby mullet is so funny!