Friday, August 16, 2013

Davis County Fair

Last night we went to the Davis County Fair.
Darin had church meetings that went a little longer than we expected, 
so we got a late start but we still had a good time.

Right when we got there we ran into our neighbors, 
then mom and dad, and Uncle Al and Aunt Vicki!

Darin entered his blackberries again this year and got 1st place again!

This year I decorated a cake and entered it into the fair.

I also got 1st place!

Next we went to look at all the animals.

This was the softest rabbit I've ever felt!

Matt and this llama became pals.

And, they had ELEPHANTS at the fair!
Matt had a great time riding it (with 4 strangers we didn't know).
Lindsay was cute when Matt got off.  
She said, "Matt!  You did it!  You were on that elephant!  Great job buddy!"

I'll be honest, I'm a little sad I didn't ride the elephant too!  It looked so fun!

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