Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back Yard Concert

Last night we went to the Proctor’s Annual “Back Yard Concert.”
It really is one of my favorite nights of the summer…even of the whole year!
The WHOLE Proctor family is so talented and we LOVE listening to them!

We started off with a yummy potluck!
And I wish I would have taken more pictures of their yard...Sue is an AMAZING gardener!

Matt was beyond thrilled that he got ORANGE SODA!!!

Our Andy (above) listening to their Andy (below).

Lindsay made new friends with the two ladies next to us.  
We didn't see her much after that.

I REALLY do love the concert, but I think one of my favorite parts was getting to talk to this cute lady via the internet!  


(My other favorite part was when Jeff dedicated a song to himself ha ha!!)

Thanks again Proctors!  
It was a WONDERFUL night!!

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