Wednesday, July 24, 2013

St. George Part 5: Pizza Factory

We had the last part of our reunion at the Pizza Factory.  
(Thanks for planning that Aunt Sue and Heather).
We had a yummy dinner, a slide show of the reunion (that turned out awesome by Jeff and Reesa), and a tribute video of Grandma Hodgkinson.  It was a really fun night!
I forgot to take pictures during the dinner, but I did snap a few as we were leaving.

Thanks to EVERYONE for the hard work on the reunion--especially Aunt Terri!!
Thank you mom and dad Hodgkinson for our shirts, lunch, dinner, and tickets to Mulan!!
And thank you mom and dad Gunnerson for letting us stay with you, all the yummy meals, babysitting, and more!

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Kristy said...

Cute! It turned out to be a really fun reunion! Despite the heat!