Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mueller Park Canyon

I have a lot of great memories of Mueller Park Canyon.
Hikes with friends.
 Young Women Girls Camp Prep.
Family picnics.
Tin foil dinners.
Playing in the stream.
Hot dogs, s'mores, and more!

Unfortunately, this may have been our last time going, because it has gotten so expensive to go up!  
$5.00 per person to walk in.
$8.00 per car to drive in
$30.00+ to use a fire pit.
$39.00+ to make a reservation
$49.00 to cancel a reservation.

Long story short, I had a reservation.  I wanted to cancel it.  But, when I realized it was going to cost me more to cancel it than to just use it we decided to go up.  And luckily for us, we have great friends that are ok with our spur of the moment planning and came with us!

We had a lot of fun visiting, roasting hot dogs, making s'mores and playing in the water.

Samuel and Andrew are two weeks apart!  Aren't they cute?

Andrew's "Old Man" pose.

Andrew's first time roasting a marshmallow.

I'm not sure what setting my camera was on when I took this picture.
 I didn't do ANY editing to this picture, and it came out looking like this.
I thought it turned out pretty cool!

Even leaving isn't too bad when you have this sunset to look at on the way out of the canyon!

Good-bye for now Mueller Park.
Hopefully you'll lower your prices one day so we can come back!

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