Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Handcart Days!

I love Pioneer Day in Bountiful!  
The parade, the fireworks, and my mom’s birthday!

This year was particularly fun!

It was Andrew’s first time going!

Lindsay with the “Birthday Girl!” 
(Can you believe my mom is 59!?)

My darling niece Becca was on the MPJ float because she’s a 7th grade officer!
(I still have lots of MPJ pride—mostly because my brother always says I “peaked” in Junior High and then my whole life has been going downhill since)  ha ha.

Becca is the cute blonde waving in the white shorts!

If you went to the parade, you probably saw the BEAUTIFUL Cinderella!!

Well, we happen to be related to Cinderella, so we got to get up close and personal with her after the parade!  
Lindsay was in HEAVEN....until she had to share Cinderella with some of the neighbors.
 (It was SOO fun to see you Mandi!  Wish we could have chatted longer!) 


 Abbey, you make one beautiful Cinderella!!

After visting with the family, we went to my sister's house to watch the fireworks!

They had this fun glowstick welcome sign when we got there.

And lots of yummy snacks for everyone, with glowstick centerpieces.

Since fireworks are illegal east of Orchard Drive, Heather and Greg did the COOLEST thing EVER
They filled up their potato gun with glowsticks, shot it off, and let all the kids pick up the sticks!


This video doesn't do it justice, but at least you can get the idea!


Picking up all the glowsticks  (Greg and Heather bought 700 glowsticks!!)

And then the show started!  

Thanks for having us Greg and Heather!!

And Happy Birthday to the cutest 59 year old in town!!  LOVE YOU MOM!!

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Dave and Mandi said...

It was so fun seeing you and your sweet little girl. Tell her thank you for sharing cinderella! She was adorable. And I am so embarrassed I didnt know it was Wendy's bday!! She looks amazing!!!