Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth of July Part Two--The Cabin

We had a GREAT afternoon at the cabin!!
Mom and Dad Gunnerson organized a delicious lunch and we had such a fun time.
Saying I love Darin’s family is an understatement, everyone is so fun!

Matt loved swinging on the new swing.

Lindsay loved the new swing too.

Noah was so nice to play tether-ball with Matt.  Although I did feel bad that Matt tripped and fell into the pole.  He has a pretty good bruise on his cheek now.

We had a good group up at the cabin.

Rick and Olivia/Ryan and Marci made the best smoked rib sandwiches!  
Oh, they were SOOO good!

Erika made these cute patriotic kabobs!

Uncle Al loves that I take so many pictures!

Sarah was so cute with Lindsay.  She did this cute little “3 Bears” song.  Lindsay loved it and kept asking for it again and again (even in the middle of the song).  I can’t believe that Sarah is leaving on her mission in three weeks!  We are going to miss her!

Erika also had the magic touch with Andrew, he was smiling nonstop with her.

Thanks mom and dad for the wonderful day at the cabin!!

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