Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The New Car!!

Last Friday night I drove Darin to the airport so he could fly to Arizona to bring home this:


We bought it from Geoff and Jadi—for a GREAT deal, and we LOVE it!!

We’ve been thinking about it for a while, and we've been saving for longer, and we finally did it!

Here are the top ten things I love about this car (in no particular order).

First, the leather!  Who knew I’d love leather so much!!  (And the heated seats).

Second, we can fit EIGHT people in this car, and comfortably!
(I also love that you can put one row, two rows, or part rows down when we need space for things).

Third, I love that I can check on kids with this nifty device.  It also holds my sunglasses.

Fourth, Matt’s favorite thing is the DVD player with wireless headphones 
  (He also loves the sunroof—I LOVE it too, but didn’t take a picture).

Fifth, the TomTom GPS.  So fun!  “Turn left in point two miles.”  Thank you Bonnie!

Sixth, everything in this section.  
There are tons of hidden compartments, CD player that holds 6 CDs at a time, the DVD player, the controls for the air that you can program down to the degree, and more.

Seventh, In the middle storage compartment, there is an outlet—
the possibilities are endless with this!

Eighth, I can change the volume, radio station, or change to CDs all from the steering wheel.

Ninth, did I mention that my last car did not have power windows—How did I live without them!!? 

Tenth, I love the way it looks!  I love the shape, style, and I  LOVE the color!  Right after we bought the car, I thought, “We just spent a ton of money, and I don’t even know what color the car is!” (Geoff joked that is was pink).  I’ve noticed a TON of Honda Pilots since buying this car, but I’ve yet to see this color.  I LOVE the color—not silver, not black, just in between.

Thanks Geoff and Jadi!  WE LOVE IT!!


taleesha said...

You will LOVE it!!! I miss our pilot. :( Dang giant family i have!!!

Somers said...

I have a Pilot that color! I love mine too.