Monday, June 24, 2013

First Day of Summer

Have you seen this Hokulia Hut?

This is a very unique picture because it's the only time I've seen it without a HUGE line.
I've been really curious to try it, and now I know why it is so popular.
The Hawaiian ice is DELICIOUS!!!
They have lots of flavors and different add-ons.

Lindsay and I shared the "Short Board.".  
We had cherry coconut, blue Hawaii, and mango, and we got the whole thing "Snow Capped."

Darin and Matt shared the "Big Kahuna.".  
They had tigers blood, passion fruit, and pina colada, 
and the whole thing filled with macadamia nut ice-cream.  SOOO good!!

After we got our shaved ice we headed over to Bountiful's Concert in the Park.

The best part was watching Matt and Lindsay dance.

We also saw my parents there.  Dad shared his cinnamon bears with the kids.

Matt is getting to be such a big boy and good helper!
He carried my chair all the way back to the car!

When we got home we all got into our PJs and the boys slept out on the tramp 
while Lindsay and I fell asleep watching "The Little Mermaid" in my bed.

Matt is seriously so lucky to have such a fun dad!

I dare say, this was the PERFECT way to start summer!

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Courtney N said...

I just got back from Kauai and we had shave ice almost everyday! It's the best!