Monday, June 17, 2013

Bountiful Rotary Club Car Show

We went to the Bountiful "Coats for Kids" Car Show this weekend.
We started out by watching the parade.

There were a lot of cool cars.

Matt loved this "fire car."  
And he loved dancing to the music that was coming from the car.

I had a hard time keeping Lindsay with me.
I think that she thought it was fun to run down the middle of the road....until she fell.

I think Andrew liked the show too.

This is our neighbor, Ed.  He has two old cars and we got a little show right in front of our house!

Although I loved looking the at the cars, I think my favorite part was when Lindsay dashed away from me and yelled, "Princess!!"  I wish I would have had a camera on the other side of this hug to capture Lindsay's face.  So so cute!!

It was a really fun night!

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