Sunday, June 2, 2013

Andrew's Blessing

Today Darin gave Andrew a name and a blessing.

It was a beautiful blessing.
(This month also happens to be the month that he conducts sacrament meeting, and he did a great job with that too).

We were so blessed to have so much of our family there, and we missed those that couldn't make it.

Our handsome little guy, 

Andrew Clark Gunnerson

After sacrament meeting, we had a little luncheon in our backyard.
It was a delicious lunch!  Thank you to EVERYONE who helped!!

We had ham and cheese sandwiches (that mom, Rick, and aunt Vicki assembled--THANKS!!)
Potato chips (thanks mom), a yummy pasta salad (thanks Heather), a yummy green salad (thanks Rick, Heather, and sister Costco), yummy watermelon, pineapple, and strawberries (thanks mom), tasty cookies (thanks Glenis and Ben), delicious chocolate rice crispy squares (thanks Olivia), mouth watering brownies (thanks Laurie), and chocolate cream cheese cake.

These are the cookies my brother Ben made....salted yummy!!

....and Kristy read him the recipe! ;)
(by the way she's 6 months pregnant---totally can't even tell---I look more pregnant than she does!!)

The Grandparents:

Grandpa Gunnerson

Grandpa Clark

Great Grandpa Welling

Grandma Gunnerson

and Grandma Wendy

Here's a picture of Darin, Andrew, and me.

Liv and Andrew

Lindsay, Rick, and Heather

 Becca, Grace, Eliza, Rachel, Lila, and Lindsay

Grandpa and Glenis

Olivia, Aunt Vicky, and Taylor

Luke, Eli, and Noah

I LOVE this boy!!

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