Thursday, June 20, 2013

2 Months

When did my newborn become a baby?
Andrew is getting so big!
We sure love this cute boy!!  
I can't believe how much he has changed. 
Check out THIS comparison.  

And now, for some random Andrew info:

1- If you are with him in the morning, he will almost always smile on cue.
2- When he was 6.5 weeks old, he slept 6.5 hours at night.
3- He loves Matt and Lindsay and will turn at the sound of their voice (even over mine).
4- If he cries and I pick him up, he'll stop crying within seconds
(except for when he had his eye infection)
5- I've had people ask me where he got his name.  Here's the explanation:

I've always liked the name Andrew--which means "strong, manly, brave" and I love that!
His middle name, Clark, has a lot of meaning.  My brother Rick, and Darin's brother Tom both have the middle name Clark.  Darin's dad's mom's maiden name is Clark and my dad's first name is Clark.  So we kind of get both sides of the family with that one.  

6- When I told people I was naming our baby "Andrew" they asked if we would call him "Andy" or "Drew."  I told people that I really love the name Andrew, but I wouldn't feel offended if I got a nickname, but I would prefer "Drew" over "Andy" because we have a little girl in our ward named "Andie."  Well, apparently I never talked it over with Darin, because right when Andrew was born he said,
 "Hi Andy!" 
 I still call him Andrew, but he may be an Andy instead of Drew.

Happy 2 months Andrew!  

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