Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Date with Matthew!

Since I took Lindsay on a date, I thought I’d better take Matt out too before baby #3 gets here.

We went to Capitol Theater to see Ballet West’s Aladin.

We both loved it!  Matt did a great job.  He was mostly quiet, (except when he got excited to see the monkey a few times) he clapped at the right times, and stayed in his seat just great!  

It was also really fun because we got to meet Grandma Gunnerson and Aunt Vicki there too!  Thanks for coming with us!!

After the ballet Matt and I went out for a frosty.  For two waters and two frosties we spent a whopping $1.05!   He thought it was pretty neat that we were the only two people in the restaurant, and “he was so lucky” to get to choose ANYWHERE to sit!  He also told me, “This is pretty fun to be here with not Lindsay.”  I think it was a good break!

And a big thank you to my dad for not only watching Lindsay so we could go, but having a tea party with her!

And thanks to Matt, my awesome date, for not only going with me but paying for our treats, and getting my door “just like your dad.”  You really are such a good little gentleman!  Love you!


Kristy said...

Looks like we missed out!!! I'm glad you got to go!

Bruce and Liss said...

You are so fun! Glad you got to spend one on one time with your cute kiddos before the new baby! So excited for you and to "meet" this baby!