Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Date Night!

I got my date in with Matt and Lindsay, 
and this weekend I got to go on a date with the best one of all…
Let me tell you, being married to Darin is FUN!
He took me out to Macaroni Grill (thanks for the gift card Grandma!!)

We had fun drawing….although it was a little tricky only having secondary colors.

My flowers, monsters, and robot.

Darin did a nice landscape.

The food was delish!  I had the lobster ravioli.

Darin had the Mama’s Trio 
(Chicken Parmesan, lasagna Bolognese, and chicken and mushroom cannelloni).

After dinner we went on a romantic trip to the grocery store. 
I don’t remember everything he did or said, but we laughed a lot.
It is always fun to be with my sweetheart!  Love you Darin! Thanks for the date!

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