Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Conference Weekend

I love LOVE conference weekend!  This year I prepared a little more and I could definitely tell a difference.  Saturday morning, Darin let me sleep in (as well as Sunday), and when I woke up, I found this cute crew:

Domestic Darin making breakfast for the family!

As part of my preparations, I organized activities for my kids to do during the four sessions.  After lots of good suggestions from my friend, Annie, I felt ready.  I could just imagine my kids, coloring quietly on the floor, while Darin and I would sit on the couch taking copious notes.

For the first activity, I put little containers of treats along the tv stand.  Each container had a word/picture on it.  If the kids heard that word they got to take a treat.  

Unlike their mother, they were only interested in the pretzels and gold fish, and would ask to “trade” their m&m for a cracker.  They were really excited about my activities for about one and a half talks, then they were off doing other things in other rooms.  So much for all my preparations!

We could see Matt from where we were sitting, but half way through the first session we didn't know where Lindsay was.  After looking a few places, we found her….sound asleep in her bed!  I guess she needed a nap, so she went and put herself down!  Funny girl!

Sunday was just as wonderful (and nap time hit perfectly yet again).  Between sessions we went to my parents house for a yummy (REALLY YUMMY) brunch.  We had coconut pancakes, regular pancakes, and my favorite, caramel pecan pancakes.  We also had fruit and bacon.

Grandma Hodgkinson and Aunt Teri were visiting from Arizona, and it was fun to be with them!

After brunch we spent an hour outside just enjoying the lovely weather (that we’re missing already).

One of the balls got stuck up on the roof. 
 My mom went up to get it, and Lindsay was prepared to catch her in case she fell.

Hope you enjoyed conference as much as we did!
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