Saturday, March 9, 2013

Date Week!

This has been a date week!

Thursday Darin and I went to the temple together (thanks mom and dad for watching the kiddos).

Friday Darin and I went on a double date with our neighbors for sushi
(yes, I'm pregnant and I eat sushi, my doctor gave me the ok).

This afternoon I went on a date with Lindsay, and Darin and I are going out AGAIN tonight. (Thanks in advance Ben and Kristy)
(We're going to the adult meeting of Stake Conference, but hey, a date is a date!)

THIS post, however, is all about my date with my cute Lindsay!

My mom got Lindsay and me tickets to the ballet to see Alice in Wonderland!  It was SOOO cute!  The costumes were amazing, the dancers were great, the choreography was excellent, and Lindsay was in HEAVEN!  I was worried she would get restless and noisy, but she was mesmerized!  She LOVED it!  The only time she was slightly a distraction was when she said, “I want to do it!”  and whenever the rabbit came out she’d get really excited. 

(One of my old young women, Caroline, was Alice!)

After the ballet we went to Cutlers for a turkey cranberry sandwich (my favorite) and to the park. 
It was a nice little date with the two of us.  I was glad that I got some one on one time with Lindsay before the baby comes.  And hopefully I’ll be able to do the same with my Matt man!  Although, I think he had a great time with his dad at home building forts and doing “man stuff.”—he is sure lucky to have such a wonderful dad! 

LOVE this little lady!

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Julie said...

Love checking in on your adventures. You're a great mom and example to us all. Love ya.