Saturday, March 30, 2013

A GREAT Good Friday!

I love that the stock market is closed on Good Friday.
Darin had the day off and we had a wonderful day together!
We started out by dying some Easter eggs.

We each did an egg with our initial on it--even baby #3 got one!

After we decorated our eggs we looked at some baby chicks and bunnies.

When we came home we decorated some lemon sugar cookies.

We also made and delivered some homemade peanut butter eggs for a few neighbors.

And I had a cute helper that loved "dipping" the eggs.


McKenna Coleman said...

How cute!!! I love all your eggs and the fact that baby #3 got one! Does that mean there is a name picked out?! :)

Haylee said...

Thanks! Yes, I think the "A" will be for Andrew...unless he doesn't look like an Andrew then the "A" can be for annonymous. ;)