Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lindsay Update

Lindsay went in for a CT on Monday.  I wasn’t at all nervous or worried about the appointment until my dad asked what the plan would be if it wasn’t a good cat scan.  It kind of made my stomach turn.  Not only because there was a possibility that the scan would yield unpleasant results, but also because I realized I hadn’t been praying as earnestly about Lindsay’s condition as I once had..

The week before the scan my prayers were refocused on Lindsay, and I was thankful that they were once again answered.  We were hoping for her cyst to shrink, which it hasn’t, but it hasn’t grown at all either.  When we met with our neurosurgeon following the CT, he said that if she was going to need another surgery/a shunt, they would have known by now and that we could switch our appointments to YEARLY!!  And we’d only need to do it until she turns 5!  WHAT!!?  That means only 3 more appointments!  Yay Lindsay!

I took a couple of really poor quality pictures while we were there.

This first picture makes me sad because with the 10+ CTs she’s had, this was the first time that she’s ever cried.  I was especially sad because this was the first time that I couldn’t stay with her (since I am pregnant).

Luckily for me and Lindsay, my mom was able to come with us.  Thanks mom!!

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yay_for_redheads said...

Your mom is a remarkable woman! I miss her.