Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Heart Melter

On Monday, my parents offered to take Matt for a little outing to run errands.  Matt had a dollar that Darin’s parents sent him for Chinese New Year that I told him he could take and buy whatever he wanted. 

A while after they had left, I heard the doorbell ring, followed by a sweet little voice saying, “Special Devlivery!”  When I came around the corner, I found this:

 Of all the things that he could have bought, he told my parents that he wanted to buy me flowers!  What a sweetie!!  I LOVE them!  (He also told my parents that it would make his dad happy).  I love my flowers, and I LOVE that boy!!


Patrick, Lindsay and Jack said...

What a sweetie you have! Way to be a man, Matthew. :)

weston'smommy said...

You are just the cutest mom! I wish I could think up half the stuff you do no wonder all he wanted to do was spend money on you.