Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Highlights of 2012

Lindsay turned 1

 Matt turned 3

 Darin turned 31 and Haylee turned 27.

We remodeled our kitchen!

Darin was released as scout master and called as 2nd counselor in the bishopric.

We participated in the Festival of Colors!

We took several trips to the cabin, the zoo, the swimming pool, and Red Butte.

We visited the new City Creek Mall!

Lindsay graduated from Early Interventions!!

Haylee got a new personal record for a 5K.

Darin went to Scout Camp, Youth Conference, Girls Camp, and more!

Haylee finally saw WICKED!!

Darin and Haylee had a fun getaway to celebrate their 5th Anniversary!

Haylee finished her FIRST half marathon in Wyoming!

We loved watching and “participating in” the 2012 Olympics!

Matt and Lindsay went boating for their first time!

Matt had his first successful lemonade stand!

Darin grew an AMAZING garden and won TWO blue ribbons at the County Fair!

We found out that we're expecting a baby boy in April 2013.

Haylee ran the dirty dash!

Matthew started “Preschool.”

We made more than 300 donuts for our neighborhoods.

Matt and Lindsay won a costume contest in Bountiful!

We went to St. George for Thanksgiving

We rode the Polar Express

 We had a wonderful Christmas!

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Ioana said...

What a fun and full year! You guys are such an awesome, beautiful family!